Wteya attend IFAT of Brazil on 24-26 April, 2024

Wteya attend IFAT of Brazil on 24-26 April, 2024


Bokawater and Wteya recently showcased their expertise at IFAT Brazil, the leading trade fair for environmental technologies and solutions. With a focus on water treatment solutions, both companies presented their innovative technologies and services to industry professionals from around the world.

During the exhibition, Bokawater and Wteya attracted significant attention with their comprehensive range of water treatment solutions, including MVR systems, RO systems, sewage treatment plants, and more. Their booths buzzed with activity as visitors learned about their advanced technologies and discussed potential collaborations.

Notably, both companies received positive feedback from attendees impressed by their commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability. Many expressed interest in exploring partnerships and implementing Bokawater and Wteya's solutions in their projects.

IFAT Brazil proved to be a successful platform for Bokawater and Wteya to showcase their capabilities and establish themselves as key players in the water treatment industry. As they continue to innovate and expand their offerings, they look forward to further success and growth in the Brazilian and global markets.

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